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Director of Touchstone Counseling - Janice Dowson Janice Dowson. BA (with Distinction), MA, CTA (Clinical Transactional Analyst), TSTA (C) Clinical Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst is one of Canada's foremost Transactional Analysis therapists and teachers. She has achieved both Clinical Certification and Advanced Teaching Transactional Analyst Certification through the International Transactional Analysis Association’s rigorous competency-based training and certification program. She has been an I.T.A.A. member for over thirty five years; her TA involvement, first as a clinician and conference presenter, then later as a Certified Teacher and Supervisor, and Board Member at local, national and international levels of TA organizations (BCTAA, ATAA, CATA) includes terms with editorial boards for the TAJ (Transactional Analysis Journal), CATAA, ATAG and BCTAA newsletters. She has served as an examiner for ITAA Teaching and Supervising Examinations, Level 1 Certified Transactional Analysis Examinations, and TA 101 written exams.

Currently Janice serves as a peer reviewer for the Transactional Analysis Journal and as the Canadian Representative to the United States Transactional Analysis Association. She assists the ITAA with research requests. Recently, Janice received an award from the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for her graduate research at Simon Fraser University looking at how contemporary women readers in a therapeutic setting respond to eighteenth-century poetry. Janice continues to combine the therapeutic benefits of great literature with her Transactional Analysis practice.

Janice uses the practical tools of Transactional Analysis to help people solve problems and holds a deep abiding respect for people’s dynamic capacity to create change. In her clinical practice Janice works to discover the capacity within each person, to guide them as they strengthen their autonomy and seek new initiatives to accomplish their goals.

Currently Janice is not supervising Clinical or Teaching Transactional Analysis Candidates.

Janice Dowson and Touchstone Counselling Centre hold professional memberships in:

The International Transactional Analysis Association
The International Transactional Analysis Association
USATAA - United States of America Transactional Analysis Association
USATAA - United States of America Transactional Analysis Association
ATAG - Alberta Transactional Analysis Guild
Alberta Transactional Analysis Guild

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