Touchstone Counseling - Janice Dowson

Personal Care Counselling
We combine the practical conceptual tools of Transactional Analysis with our skill and experience to aid people to make changes they want and to accomplish their goals.

 The main issues we address are:

  • Stress Counselling

Working together to reduced the effects of stress, we evaluate your personal stress level and suggest strategies as you develop new skills for for managing stress in your life.

  • Grief Counselling

Every grief journey is as unique as the form, complexity, and nature of the loss. When you experience a loss, you can become stuck in a painful place on the grieving journey. In grief counselling we join as companions on this journey to aid people in building strengths as they experience the spectrum of emotions, behaviours and thoughts that arise.

  • Counselling for Couples

    We work with people who want to build new communication skills while increasing your capacity to express yourself and listen effectively. We help couples to discover their existing relationship models so that you can create the relationships you want.

  • Counselling for Families

Using parenting skills together with an understanding of developmental needs, families can discover successful new patterns of relating.

  • Adolescent Counselling

In an atmosphere of respect and confidentiality young people can explore solutions to the challenges facing them using a variety of approaches including play, art and discussion.

We also address a variety of personal growth and change issues including:

  • Adult eating disturbances
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Assertiveness and self esteem issues
  • Recent & childhood trauma
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